Veganism Is Delicious


We believe that everyone is entitled to delicious food, and that meals should be a source of pleasure as well as sustenance. So today, on Day 2 of our World Vegan Month food justice project, we are delighted to partner with Wild Thing Cafe to share 300 beautiful meals with underserved members of Cardiff’s Cathays community.

In a world where there is plenty of food, but much is wasted, including by feeding it to farmed animals, it saddens us that food banks must exist. In the UK, demand for support from food banks rose 33 percent in one year and they do an incredible job to meet that need. They provide an emergency service that supports those in crisis, but what they cannot do is give people a delicious warm meal, cooked by someone else using fresh ingredients, and a beautiful experience at the same time. This is what our UK campaign manager Joe Stratton seeks to offer.

Tackling Food Waste

For this initiative, we will focus on providing beautiful, curated and thought-out meals, using fresh, colorful and delicious ingredients. As we will largely be using surplus food, the menu is not decided until just before the event, but past menu items have included:

  • Green olive tapenade on seeded crusty bread
  • Roasted baharat cauliflower on a bed of puy lentils, served with new potatoes, tahini yoghurt and courgette ribbons
  • Seasonal salads including rocket, chicory and lemon
  • Plum & cardamom tart served with coconut yoghurt
  • A blueberry and mint lemonade to drink

In Solidarity

Wild Thing is located in the diverse community of Cathays in North Cardiff, an area often underserved by local policy and services. We aim to reach members of this community including unhoused people, those living in poverty, older adults and refugees. Everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious homemade meal, cooked lovingly by somebody else, with their wants and needs in mind.

Says Joe: “With this event, we want to give people a wonderful, delicious experience, where for at least this one day, they need not worry about the cost of food or the complexities of making it. Everyone deserves fresh, healthy, nutritious food that tastes great, and we’re proud to work with Wild Things to put on this event, as our small contribution to a kinder world for all.”

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