Veganism Is For All


Today is World Vegan Day, and it marks the start of two weeks of food solidarity projects in 14 countries around the world. And we are starting in Kenya where our Campaign Manager Jack Lekishon, a Maasai community leader, has arranged meals for children attending three Maasai Mara schools.

It was through Jack that Million Dollar Vegan first came to learn of the difficulties faced by the Maasai tribespeople as Covid-19 swept the world, and we are delighted he has joined our team since. Jack told us that, for the Maasai community, tourism is key, and when that ended almost overnight, the living made from selling artefacts also ended. Things became very serious very quickly.

Million Dollar Vegan In Kenya

In August 2020, Million Dollar Vegan was able to support the community with 50,000 meals as well as water, hygiene products and masks, which Jack and a team of volunteers distributed across several villages. In March, we were able to distribute another 25,000 meals, and in June we committed to ongoing support for local schools as well. Today, we are supporting children in three schools – all now dedicated vegan schools – and are humbled by the response from teachers and students.

Sankei Robert, the Head Teacher of Talek Vision Vegan School told us: “In our school we enjoy eating plant-based foods because they’re rich in vitamins that can prevent diseases in our bodies. By eating vegan meals, the teachers get lots of energy to teach for their lessons without getting exhausted. The pupils also appear to concentrate better and have more energy in class.”

Veganism Truly Is For All

What truly stands out to us is that, while the Maasai are by no means the largest consumers on the planet, Jack reports that the community has embraced veganism as a way to protect global health and the health of the planet. The community is changing for the good of all in a way that over-consuming communities often struggle to do. Jack’s work and positivity are inspirational to us all, and as he often says: Together we can!”

A plant-based diet can be adapted by cultures all over the world, and for the good of the world. It can bring us together as we unite as a global community to create a kinder, safer, healthier future for all.

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