Why Vegan

Our food choices matter.

What we choose to eat can have a huge impact on the world around us. It can affect our own health and well-being, that of the people around us, and even people in other parts of the world. It can impact animals—both farmed and wild—and the health of rivers, oceans, and forests. It can affect workers’ rights, contribute to climate breakdown, and even drive the next pandemic.

At GenV, we seek to empower, educate, and help people make decisions in line with their own values. But, no matter what motivates us—health, humanity, animals, or the planet—when we act for the good of one, we act for the good of all.

“Our fate is inextricably linked to the health and resilience of the earth and our fellow earthlings, and when these are harmed and made to suffer, so are we.”

Gene Baur

Why Vegan

Whatever you care about —whether that is animals, the environment, people, or your own health —veganism is part of the answer.

Success Stories

A plant-based diet can bring many varied health benefits, from better sleep and digestion to the prevention of many chronic diseases. For some people, the effects are nothing short of miraculous…

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