Hiking the High Tibetan Monasteries of Ladakh

Do you want to be part of something amazing? Join us on a GenV Fundraising Adventure.

31 May – 8 June 2025
6 – 14 September 2025

GenV invites you to participate in our first ever fundraising challenge!

Can you picture yourself hiking the beautiful Himalayan mountains of Northern India, visiting traditional villages and Buddhist monasteries, and eating delicious local vegan cuisine? 

GenV is offering the opportunity for our supporters to join an epic, 8-day hiking journey across the mountains of Ladakh, to assist in raising essential funds for a collection of amazing farmed animal charities. This unforgettable trip also offers the opportunity to connect with a like-minded group of people who are all striving to make the world a kinder, safer place for animals.

The trip takes place in Ladakh, one of the most beautiful areas of Northern India. This area spans the western edge of the Himalayas and is full of spectacular valleys and peaks, many of which you will traverse on your journey!

As animal lovers who want to reduce animal suffering, it can be hard to know what actions we can take to make a real difference beyond our daily dietary choices. GenV is offering you the chance to change this, whilst also going on a personal journey of your own.

Ladakh Adventure UPdate

In order to give participants plenty of time to fundraise, we are postponing this adventure until 2025, with trips in June and September. The exact dates will be live on this page soon, and you will be notified on our socials! If are looking for more information on the details of the trips, head to our partners at Yellowwood Adventures.

Thanks so much for your patience – we hope this change gives you all more opportunity to join us on this amazing adventure, and raise even more funds for animals!

Our charity partners for this campaign

  • Skylands Animal Sanctuary

    Skylands Animal Sanctuary, NYC

    Skylands’ life started on a tiny piece of land, when its founder Mike decided to take in a few small animals in need of a home. That tiny piece of land has grown into an entire farm full of beautiful animals who have been rescued from slaughterhouses, live markets, factory farms, extreme neglect, abuse, religious ceremonies, and abandonment.

    No matter their past, they arrive at Skylands and are welcomed with open arms and are provided with proper veterinary care, food, water, and a space to live and enjoy themselves.

    Read More
  • Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary

    Eden Sanctuary, Ireland

    Eden provides a lifelong sanctuary where non-human animals who are rescued from animal-use industries are given a home in a place of safety, where they will never again be viewed as property. At Eden, they are free from subjugation, exploitation and killing, and instead are allowed to live their lives according to their own interests.

    The team at Eden are working tirelessly to provide their residents with the highest possible quality of life, but they need your help to keep growing and to rescue more animals in need.

    Read More


What does it cost?

The cost of the adventure is £1,399 (approximately $1,775 USD) per person, which includes all accommodation, food, local guides, and transfers for the 8-day trip. On top of that, you will need to fund your return flights and visa. All the information you need about what flights to book and how to reach the area can be found on the itinerary page here.

How much will I need to fundraise?

In addition to the cost of the trip, the minimum fundraising target is £1,000 (approximately $1,250 USD). However, we encourage you to raise as much as you can, as everything you raise will go directly into farmed animal rescue, care, and advocacy.

Can I fundraise to cover the cost of my trip, too?

Yes, absolutely!

There are two ways to fund your trip:

  1. Pay a £400 ($500) deposit to secure your place. GenV will then fund the remaining balance of your trip, with the understanding that you must raise a minimum of £2,000 ($2500) in sponsorship money – 50% of which will go towards your trip expenses and 50% will go to our charity partners.
  2. Pay the total trip cost of £1,399 ($1775) yourself up front and 100% of the sponsorship money you raise (£1,000/$1250+) will go to our charity partners.

*Please note that in both cases, you are responsible for booking and funding your own flights. If you wish to fundraise the cost of this, you are welcome to do so.

The remainder of your trip balance will be due around 56 days before the trip begins (late July), so you have plenty of time to see how much funds you can raise before then!

How do I raise the money?

Once you are signed up and have paid your deposit, you will receive a fundraising guide from us, explaining how to join our GoFundMe fundraising page for this campaign. You can then share this page with your friends and family and start raising funds!

GenV will be on hand to support you in your fundraising journey. Any questions you have, or if you need support with setting up a fundraising event, just get in touch with

GenV’s fundraising tips are a great place to start, too!

What if I can’t raise enough money to pay for my trip?

You are fully responsible for funding your trip. But when it comes to paying the remainder of your trip balance, GenV will happily cover this cost for you, with the understanding that you will fundraise enough money to cover it along with the charity donation (see T&C’s).

If you have any further questions about this campaign and how you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our socials or email us at joe@genv.org.

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