Vegan Recipes for Festa Junina

What is Brazil’s Festa Junina?

In Brazil, June is the favorite month for many people for a special reason: Festa Junina. 

Festa Junina is a traditional Brazilian celebration that takes place throughout the month of June, dedicated to honoring various Catholic saints. Rooted in Portuguese, Indigenous and rural customs, the festival is marked by folk music, dance, bonfires, colorful decorations, popular games, and a variety of traditional foods.

Beyond its religious roots, the festival celebrates rural life and agricultural prosperity. It also fosters community spirit and cultural heritage, making it a cherished and enduring part of Brazilian culture.

And yes, vegans can enjoy the festivities too!

Food at Festa Junina

Did you know that some popular Festa Junina drinks and dishes are already vegan? This includes “quentão” (hot spiced drink), “paçoca” (peanut candy), popcorn, boiled corn and pine nuts, sweet peanuts, pumpkin candy, coconut candy, polenta, tapioca…

Unfortunately, many other typical dishes contain animal products. We know that food is an important part of this celebration and carries a lot of emotional value, so we’ve gathered four recipes of traditional June party foods and created plant-based versions for you to enjoy and surprise everyone. Check them out!

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