What Do New Vegans Say About Eating Plant-Based?

Patrik Baboumian Vegan
“Someone asked me, how I could get as strong as an ox without eating any meat? My response was, have you ever seen an ox eat meat?” - Patrik Baboumian, German Strongman

When people first become vegan, things can change for them really fast. Within weeks—and sometimes just a few days—they may experience improved skin and sleep,  better digestion, clearer sinuses, and more energy.

Other people have reported that they have stopped snoring or experience increased libido. Some have said that their symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, chronic muscle pain and even depression have significantly lifted. One person told Veganuary: ‘I didn’t realise how “sick” my body felt ‘til I realised what “healthy” feels like.’ Not everyone will experience such powerfully positive changes, but for so many people, becoming vegan is the best decision they ever made.

going vegan can improve skin

We regularly hear that eczema, psoriasis and acne improve or clear up. This may be because so many people have an undiagnosed intolerance to the sugars in milk. Switching to a plant milk could be all it takes to improve skin conditions.

going vegan can improve digestion

Our guts really thank us when we feed them a plant-based diet. Not only is this great news for our gut microbiome—which has a knock-on effect to countless health conditions—but it can have an immediate on digestive issues. Many people who suffer irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Crohn’s disease have found that their symptoms decrease in severity or disappear altogether when they switch to plant-based.

Going Vegan Can Make Us Happier

What is really interesting is the number of people who report better mental clarity, increased concentration and a leveling-out of moods. Some people say that their depression symptoms were relieved. For lots of people, eating animal-free foods brings an unexpected contentment, a feeling of inner peace and happiness, brought on by eating a diet more in line with their beliefs and principles.

Going Vegan Can Improve Sporting Performance

Sporty people often find that being vegan helps them recover from training quicker, and that allows them to train even harder and achieve more impressive results. Others have found that they are able to effectively build muscle and endurance on a plant-based diet, while maintaining strength and flexibility. This is true of amateur athletes as well as professionals, so whatever your sport, whatever your level, eating a plant-based diet could give you that edge.

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