We Are Generation Vegan

We Are Generation Vegan

After three years as Million Dollar Vegan, we are changing and from today we will continue to campaign for a vegan world as Generation Vegan. This is more than a new name and a shiny new website; it is a fundamental shift in how we think, communicate, and operate. Let us tell you how we evolved, and why.

Coronavirus: The Catalyst for Change

Million Dollar Vegan originally launched as a flash campaign which offered $1M to charity if Pope Francis went vegan for Lent. We weren’t built for longevity, but to make headlines that revealed the role of our dietary choices in the environmental crisis. That approach proved so successful that a second high-profile campaign soon followed, and a third was in the pipeline when the coronavirus emerged. We knew we could not offer large sums of money for one individual to go vegan while people were struggling with the virus, the loss of their livelihoods, and with loneliness and bereavement. Like so many others, we felt compelled to act in solidarity with those affected, and so we postponed that campaign and instead committed to sharing one million free vegan meals.

That work brought us much closer to many different communities. As we broke bread together, we listened to their stories and came to understand something of the forces that shaped their lives. We started to think differently.

Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

We kept reading, listening, and learning. We could see that Million Dollar Vegan did not represent us in our entirety, nor did it encompass our huge ambitions for what we want to achieve.

It felt US-centric when our team is located in many different regions of the world. For some it certainly felt exclusive (“million dollar”) when we desperately need people from all parts of all societies to help us shift the trajectory that humanity is currently on. In short, there were many communities our work just did not resonate with, and we asked ourselves: how can we achieve a vegan world if we don’t attract more and diverse people to our movement through collaborations, solidarity, and mutual support?

What Does ‘Generation Vegan’ Mean?

Our new name is intended to both unite and inspire. Whatever age we are; wherever we live in the world; whatever our own personal circumstances, preferences, or identities, we can all be part of this important movement for positive change.

If you believe in a compassionate world where animals are not harmed, where the planet is thriving, where access to sufficient nutritious food is a given, and where our food choices do not cost others their homes, livelihoods, well-being, or lives, you are part of this bold and transformative generation.

Tell Us About The Logo

With pleasure! We really loved the Million Dollar Vegan heart, but we have big ambitions and are determined to effect change. We wanted something that showed the power of the vegan movement to cut through the status quo and break apart this unjust food system. We think that flash of lightning does it!

Generation Vegan Manifesto

You will see on our homepage, in our films, and elsewhere, our tagline: Unite. Disrupt. Transform. This sums up our ethos and approach. It is deliberately inclusive, bold, and aspirational as these are the characteristics that make us who we are. Our manifesto reads:

We unite. We embrace differences within the vegan movement and work alongside other social justice advocates. Our belief in equality means that respect for all human and non-human diversity is fundamental. As a global community with natives of different cultures, nations, and languages, we are committed to inclusivity. 

We disrupt. In a world where violence and oppression are systemic, we are here to show that respect, integrity, and harmony are disruptive. Innovation and creativity are the tools we use to bring light to the many injustices caused—and deliberately hidden—by animal-exploiting industries.

We transform. Veganism is our vision of a just world where respect can unite every sentient being and disrupt any form of oppression. Our purpose is to become the generation that brings veganism for all. We are creating a vegan world.

We are GenV.

What Can We Expect From Generation Vegan?

As Generation Vegan, we will significantly increase our production and publication of powerful social media films. These will make public compelling untold stories, share motivational human-interest stories, and expose the environmental, health, and ethical impacts of the animal agriculture industry.

We will regularly invite and feature contributions from people within different communities who have a perspective we think the world should hear, see, or experience, and we will strive to amplify the voices and perspectives of communities that have been marginalized.

We have launched five brand new free vegan challenges tailored to the issues that matter most to our participants. People can choose to take part in a 7-day vegan challenge for animals, humanity, the planet, or their health, or they can sign up for a 30-day vegan challenge. Each contains many brand new resources, including meal plans, accessible recipes, beautiful new films, and so much more.

Our food solidarity and justice projects will continue as we work in solidarity with different communities to support them, while also showcasing the wide-ranging benefits of adopting a plant-based vegan diet. Sharing food and information helps break down barriers, and facilitate a shift in both perspective and practice.

Finally, we will certainly keep launching headline-grabbing $1M campaigns to take our message to the wider world, and to put pressure on decision-makers to act for the good of all.

What Happened to Million Dollar Vegan?

It’s still a big part of us! We will soon be announcing another high-profile Million Dollar Vegan campaign in which we challenge a well-known figure to try vegan in exchange for a $1M charitable donation. 

These audacious campaigns are designed to disrupt the existing narrative, and show people a better, kinder way. They make headlines all around the world, and introduce people to issues connected to the meat, dairy, and egg industries, such as climate change, personal and public health, and the unethical practice of farming and slaughtering other sentient beings.

Leyllah Diva Black (@leyllahdiva) for GenV
Leyllah Diva Black (@leyllahdiva) for GenV

The Future

We have made a commitment to work with diverse communities, and to campaign with respect and compassion, courage and humor. We may not get it right every time but our intention is to be part of a broad, peaceful, unstoppable uprising that transforms the world for the good of all.

We unite. We disrupt. We transform. Are you with us?

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