Vegan Valentine’s Day: 7 Great Ways to Celebrate

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Valentine’s Day tends to divide opinions. Some people love heading out for a romantic candlelit dinner for two and sucking on a single string of spaghetti until they meet in a kiss. Some despise it and will hide indoors or have a fun night out with friends instead, and some are completely indifferent. Either way, a vegan Valentine’s Day is a beautiful way to show our love for our partner, our planet and all its inhabitants.

7 great ways to veganize your day

  1. Looking for something special to gift to that someone special? Look no further than these organic, gluten-free Cupid’s Kisses or these “Love All Animals” Vegan Brownie hearts which come beautifully packaged and are certain to make you or your loved one feel very special indeed. They’re 100% cruelty-free and your purchase will help to support the animals living at Farm Sanctuary.
  2. Love wooing over wine? Use Barnivore to discover which wines are vegan-friendly and which aren’t, or join an exclusive Vegan Wines Club that will actually deliver a selection of vegan-friendly wines and artisan cheeses to your door for your vegan Valentine’s Day.  
  3. Want to dive into a tub of ice-cream? There are countless cruelty-free brands and flavors of ice-cream to choose from, and you can find them all at your local store. From popular brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs, to lesser-known brands like Oatly, NadaMoo, Almond Dream, and So Delicious, you will never be stuck for choice or have to compromise on flavor when it comes to dairy-free frozen goodness.
  4. Thinking of cooking a nice meal at home? Check out this Perfect Vegan Valentine’s Day Menu, which even includes plant-based recipes for blueberry breakfast pancakes and roasted grapefruit waffles, just in case you’re planning to start your day off with a romantic breakfast in bed.
  5. Prefer to dine out? If you live in a big city like London, New York, or Berlin, then you literally have hundreds of great options for a romantic yet compassionate vegan Valentine’s Day meal. But even if you don’t then you’re sure to find plenty of places that offer vegan options or that have vegan food by default. Traditionally, Thai, Indian, and Chinese restaurants that tend to cook with coconut milk rather than dairy products should have a lot of vegan or ‘veganizable’ options on their menus. Likewise, Italian restaurants tend to have veganizable pasta and pizza options (just ask them to leave off the cheese) and Mexican restaurants are almost always great for vegans.  Check out the Happy Cow App to find vegan-friendly restaurants in your area. 
  6. Keen to share some love? Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about impulsive extravagances, but rather about showing thoughtfulness and love for others. Rather than buying someone a bunch of flowers or a cuddly toy, why not sponsor a rescued farmed animal on their behalf? I know that that would certainly melt my heart.
  7. Want a great idea that doesn’t cost a dime? Then why not take yourself, your partner or just someone you love for a walk in nature? It costs nothing, but it allows you to marvel at the beauty of the planet we are lucky enough to call home whilst reminding us that, through a plant-based diet, this is the wonderful world we are helping to preserve for generations to come.

You can celebrate love every day—not just on Valentine’s Day—with a vegan diet.

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