Using Art As a Method for Social Change: Igniting Compassion and Activism

Art has the power to promote social change, and artists worldwide have embraced the visual impact of street art to shed light on various justice issues, including animal rights. In this blog, we explore how art activism drives positive change and inspires empathy for animals. From thought-provoking murals to stencil art campaigns, street art serves as a catalyst for cultural expression and social commentary, reaching thousands of people daily.

An anonymous street artist in NYC, who goes by Praxis, uses street art daily to challenge societal norms surrounding animal rights. His unique style immediately catches your eye through his use of vibrant colors, fine line work, and attention to detail. His impactful illustrations depict a variety of animal rights messages from a pig being rescued from a factory farm to a monkey breaking free from an experimentation lab. You may find two words underneath the image: Animal Liberation. That’s Praxis.

Praxis’ art serves as a powerful medium for cultural expression, social commentary, and activism. His stencils and posters can reach upwards of 50,000 people in a day which gives a platform to an often silenced issue.

How Art Activism Amplifies Animal Voices

Animals fight for their lives in unimaginable ways whether it’s escaping slaughterhouses, screaming for help, or trying to run away yet their voices are usually ignored by the majority of society. Praxis is using artistic skills to tell a story and amplify animals’ voices by painting vivid portraits and murals that depict the beauty, vulnerability, and suffering of animals. These artistic creations become a visual narrative, compelling viewers to confront the ethical questions surrounding animal rights and the impact of human behavior on their lives.

Disrupting Complacency and Inspiring Compassion

Street art has the unique ability to captivate people, forcing them to pause and reflect on the messages it conveys. By placing animals at the center of public spaces, street art disrupts complacency and compels individuals to examine their role in creating a more compassionate world. Praxis’s artwork tackles issues such as factory farming, animal testing, wildlife exploitation, and the fur trade, presenting these harsh realities in a way that resonates with viewers.

This past Mother’s Day, Praxis launched a city-wide campaign to draw attention to the cruel dairy industry. His posters depicted a baby calf being separated from their Mother with the words “Got Milk?” and “I don’t.” Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers saw these posters. Thousands more saw the video we made documenting the process.

Empathy and Action: The Power of Artistic Connection

Artistic representations of animals evoke emotional connections, reminding us of their capacity for pain, joy, and the desire to live free from harm. Street art fosters empathy, inspiring people to take action. Whether through supporting animal rights organizations, volunteering at animal shelters, or engaging in legislative advocacy, individuals are motivated to make a difference. Street art serves as a catalyst for change, raising awareness, provoking thought, and inspiring compassion for animals.


Art is a powerful tool for promoting social change, and street art has proven to be an effective medium for conveying messages of animal rights and activism. By leveraging the visual impact of street art, artists like Praxis are raising awareness, inspiring empathy, and encouraging individuals to examine their choices and challenge societal norms. Let us embrace the power of art to create a more compassionate world where animals are treated with the dignity they deserve.

Watch a video showcasing Praxis’s impactful street art:

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