Ten More Ways to Help Animals and People in Ukraine

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You may have seen our Ten Ways to Help Animals and People in Ukraine blog. With so many humanitarian initiatives being set up, and lots of personal actions we can take, here are ten more ways to act in solidarity.


  1. Nowzad, the charity known for rescuing animals in Afghanistan, is now acting to support and resupply Ukrainian rescue shelters and their courageous staff who stayed behind to care for the animals. You can donate here.
  2. Around one million refugees have now entered Poland. You can order bulk goods (long-life please) from online vegan stores, such as Vantastic Foods in Germany for delivery to the Białystok Food Bank: MAGAZYN W BIAŁYMSTOKU: ul. Węglowa 8, 15-121 Białystok, POLAND.
  3. Voices of Children is a Ukranian charity that helps children who have been traumatized by war. Find out more about their important work and donate here.
  4. Independent journalism is vital to ensure that the world hears what is happening in Ukraine. The Kyiv Independent has launched a GoFundMe page here.
  5. Follow these Ukrainian journalists on Twitter, and share their stories.
  6. Have you written to your political representatives? Write again! Information for US-based people is here.
  7. Demand peace now. Template text for Twitter is here.
  8. Follow Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Twitter and share his messages.
  9. Directly support people in Ukraine by buying digital goods from Ukrainian sellers on Etsy. If you buy posters, photographs, patterns, and other digital items, you can support people who do not need to post goods out. (Make sure the person is in Ukraine, and not just producing items that express solidarity.)
  10. Donate to animal sanctuaries in Ukraine. A list is here.

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