Ten Ways to Help Animals and People in Ukraine Now

We are devastated by the attack on Ukraine and are working with activists locally to help provide food relief and support for both people and animals in Ukraine. Here are ten ways you might be able to help.


  1. Activists are setting up vegan food kitchens in multiple cities across the country to provide nutritious free food for those who need it most. You can donate here.

  2. Viva! Poland is giving refuge to animal victims while providing animal feed to refugees who have escaped with their animals. You can donate here.

  3. Share and keep sharing your support on social media. People in Ukraine see this, and it helps them to know they have friends and allies all over the world.

  4. Write to your elected officials. Sample copy is here.

  5. Donate goods if there is a collection center near to you. Think about nutrients, not products, and how people will be able to eat them. Canned foods like pulses, fruits, and vegetables are a good option, and so are dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate. Don’t send perishable items unless they can be delivered directly to refugees who have already left Ukraine.

  6. Sign this petition asking NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine.

  7. Donate to Doctors Without Borders / Medecins San Frontieres who are treating the injured in Ukraine as well as refugees who have escaped.

  8. You can get money directly to Ukrainians by booking an AirBnB in the country. Book your stay and message the host to tell them it’s an act of solidarity and that you won’t actually be coming.

  9. Attend a rally. Find your nearest one here.

  10. A call has been issued for veterinary medications to help animals caught in the war. If you can help get medications into Ukraine, leave a message with Veganotvety here.

Read more about the food solidarity work in Ukraine.

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