$1 Million Offer: President, Will You Go Vegan for January?

Today we launch our latest campaign! We will donate $1 million to a veterans’ charity if President Trump will go vegan for January.

Under the banner ‘Make America Healthy Again’, we make the case for a plant-based diet for our individual health, the health of our workforce, the economy, our planet, and for animals.

Taking the message to the top!

Not only have we placed a full-page letter in The New York Times and have television adverts running in New York, Washington DC and West Palm Beach during December, we also have billboards near to Mar-a-Lago and bike share posters around the White House. We are making sure the President hears our message! All these ads feature Animal Hero Kids, who are partnering with us on this campaign.

Animal Hero Kids

Children are leading the way in campaigns all around the world, from road safety projects in Bangladesh to campaigns against single-use plastics in Australia, not to mention the global climate strikes headed by Greta Thunberg. We are delighted to have partnered with Animal Hero Kids to give young people a voice on this all-important issue. You’ll find their beautiful, moving, and innovative films across our social media channels.

Make America Healthy Again!

The consumption of animal products is linked with many chronic diseases, including an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers—some of America’s biggest killers. These diseases are not inevitable, and we each have the power to significantly reduce our personal risk.

On our website, and across our social media channels, we will be sharing some of the most powerful and moving films you will ever see. We have traveled the country to meet men and women whose lives have been changed—or saved—by switching to a vegan diet. These include former U.S. Marines Ronnie Penn and Marc Holley, Army veteran Thomas Chartier, U.S. Navy fighter pilot Charles Hallum, U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Pilot Katie Pelkey, and Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch. Let their stories inspire you.

Leading physicians

Their stories and our campaign are backed by some of America’s leading physicians, including Dean Ornish, Caldwell Esselstyn, Michael Klaper, Angie Sadeghi, and Neal Barnard. With their evidence, we set out to show that eating plant-based can have an incredible impact on preventing, halting, and even reversing some of the biggest threats to our wellbeing. Each of us can start to improve our health the very next time we sit down to eat.

Veganism is for everyone, not just the President

We very much hope President Trump will go vegan for January. He loves a great deal, and this is a GREAT deal! Whether he takes part or not, we are urging citizens of America to take a step that could change their lives forever—to go vegan for those 31 days. They can sign up to receive daily newsletters, our Health & Nutrition Guide, Vegan Starter Kit, and recipes. It is entirely free to take part, and we hope to kick-start a meaningful and powerful health revolution.

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