Why we asked President Trump to go vegan for January

President Trump is probably the most famous man on the planet. When he speaks, millions of people listen, and his words are reported all around the world. As such, he is in the ideal position to lead and influence the greatest number of people, and we need the greatest number of people to hear this message.

Our hope is that he will see the overwhelming health benefits of a vegan diet and want to try it for himself. We also hope he will encourage American citizens, and others, to make the switch and choose plant-based foods, too. After all, good health is for everyone.

Our offer to President Trump is not an endorsement of his policies or his individual actions in the same way that offering $1 million for Pope Francis to go vegan for Lent was not about supporting or promoting the Catholic doctrine.

Reaching a new, bigger audience

Unlike many vegan organizations, our campaign aims to engage with a broader audience, to reach right across the political spectrum and take the message to a previously neglected, but important part of society. We need the support of liberals and conservatives if we are going to solve the dire issues facing humanity, animals and our planet.

We know from our first campaign, which focussed on the Pope, that we can reach a huge audience with an audacious vegan message. That campaign generated more than 1,000 media articles with a combined circulation of 1.5 billion! These are the kinds of numbers we need to be reaching to get meaningful, impactful change. We fully expect this campaign to be even bigger!

A win-win situation

We very much hope that President Trump will go vegan for January, but even if he turns down our great deal, others will see our message and go vegan for January. We encouraged nearly 50,000 people to go vegan for Lent this year, received 600,000 visitors to our website, and reached millions of people with a vegan message through our social media channels. All of this was achieved without the TV and billboard advertising we’ve secured for this campaign.

Why a January vegan pledge?

What better time of year to go vegan than January? This is when we consider our lifestyle and habits, make our resolutions, and start a new year afresh.

We know some people feel that promoting veganism for one month is not enough. We understand! We would love everyone to go vegan overnight, too. Sadly, not everyone, including President Trump, is ready to do that and there are lots of things – including fear of failing – that can prevent people from even trying. But, we can all trial something new for just one month, can’t we? It’s a workable and achievable target, and we know that people who change a behavior for a month, find it easier to change habits forever, especially when they have discovered great-tasting food and are feeling fantastic! Plus, that one-month period allows their family, friends and colleagues to adjust to the change, too, and that means the new behavior is even more likely to stick – and to spread.

A time and a place for disagreement

You may not agree with our campaign and we will listen to your feedback and reply when we can. As we are working hard to reach non-vegans during this period, that is where we’ll be focusing our time and energy.

There will always be strategies within our movement that we do not agree with. And although debate can be useful, it’s undoubtedly damaging when it dominates discussion and halts action. Even if you do not agree with the way in which we are campaigning for veganism, we ask that you recognize that we are indeed fighting for it and that we have the same goals. We believe it’s the goal we should focus on, rather than the means of achieving it.

Where we can find areas of agreement, let’s work together. And we think you’ll agree our vegan resources are amazing! We’ve created 31 inspirational daily newsletters, an exclusive Vegan Starter Kit, delicious recipes and a comprehensive Health & Nutritional Guide. We’ve also created some of the most powerful and innovative films that show how eating vegan changes – and saves – lives. All this is FREE to anyone who signs up on our website – even President Trump!

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