I Overcame Anorexia Through Veganism: My Transformative Journey

Elo Beraldo

Warning: The text contains mention of eating disorders.

By Elo Beraldo

Hello, dear GenV community! My name is Elo, I am 17 years old, and today I want to open my heart to share a journey that has profoundly transformed me. I thank GenV Brazil for giving me a voice and space to tell how veganism was the key to overcoming one of the most challenging moments of my life: anorexia.

My journey with veganism began four years ago, but to fully understand, we need to go back a few years. 

My Story

At just 11 years old, I was diagnosed with anorexia, a battle that impacted not only my body but also my family.

The relentless pursuit of the “perfect body” turned food into an enemy, and I became a prisoner of my own mind. During this period, I lost friends, precious moments, and, most importantly, the joy of living. Anorexia became an unsustainable burden, threatening to take away not only my physical health but also my essence.

The unhealthy relationship with food was rooted in the distorted idea of what it meant to be accepted. Each meal was laden with guilt, and the act of eating turned into a dark emotional journey. I felt incapable of enjoying food, as for me, it was only an obsessive calorie count.

Transformative Compassion

It was during this dark period that veganism emerged as a light at the end of the tunnel. The idea of a lifestyle that respected not only my health but also animals and the environment began to take shape. The philosophy of veganism, which seeks to eliminate animal exploitation and cruelty in all forms of our lives, touched my heart in a way I could never have imagined.

Elo Beraldo

However, the path to adopting veganism was not simple. My family at the time did not share the same enthusiasm for the cause. It required open dialogue, nutritional guidance, and, above all, an alliance for me to embark on my vegan journey in exchange for my commitment to recovering from anorexia.

This was my motivation, the force that propelled me forward. Each meal became a conscious choice not only for my health but also for promoting veganism and advocating for animals. The daily routine was marked by the purpose of being a voice for those whose voices are rarely heard.

Contrary to the mistaken notion that veganism implies restriction, I realized that my diet became more diverse and rich in nutrients. The kitchen, which was once a hostile territory, transformed into a laboratory for creating tasty and nutritious vegan recipes, proving that veganism was not a limitation but a universe of possibilities.

Elo Beraldo

This transformation reflected not only in my relationship with food but also in my relationship with my body. Anorexia lost its toxic influence, and the compulsion to count calories was replaced by the pleasure of creating delicious vegan dishes. Each step toward recovery was a step toward building a life that I loved and respected.

Journey of Love

Today, at 17, I am more than a survivor. I have become a passionate activist for the animal cause and the promotion of an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Being part of the vegan generation represents not just an association but a family that shares fundamental values.

Sharing my story is not just an act of vulnerability but an opportunity to inspire and motivate others who may be facing similar battles. Anorexia was the starting point of my journey, but veganism was the compass that led me to a path of self-love, compassion for animals, and environmental awareness.

Elo Beraldo

My mission now is to encourage everyone to explore veganism not only as a dietary choice but as a way of life that transcends our plates and embraces a fairer and more sustainable world.

I thank you for walking together on this journey. If you want to learn more about veganism, I invite you to explore the GenV Brazil website and follow my social media. Together, we can create a significant impact and build a future where compassion guides our choices. 

Let’s go together!


IMPORTANT: If you or someone you know is facing challenges related to anorexia or any eating disorder, it is crucial to seek professional help. This blog is only the story and experience of one person. Therefore it does not replace the individual guidance of a healthcare professional. Eating disorders are serious and require specialized medical, psychological, and nutritional support. Make sure to reach out to a healthcare professional for the necessary assistance. A full recovery requires the right support.

Elo Beraldo

Elo Beraldo

Eloise Mariane Beraldo, affectionately known as Elozinha (@elo.veg), at the age of 17, is a vibrant voice in the vegan world and has been an activist for 4 years. She shares her journey on social media, encouraging a healthy lifestyle filled with self-esteem and self-love.

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