Being Vegan In An Omnivorous Household

It can be challenging when the other members of your household don’t follow the same diet and lifestyle choices as you. It doesn’t have to be a problem, though, and you can still live harmoniously, even when diets differ. Here are some ways to help explain your choices and streamline meal times.

Educate. Educate. Educate.

Not everyone has been exposed to the health benefits and compelling sustainability arguments of an animal-free diet. And that’s OK. We all had to start somewhere! Before you help them understand, educate yourself. Having a reserve of facts and figures can prove useful when you are confronted with challenging opinions and will help others to understand why you have decided to be vegan.

Prepare a Vegan Meal

One great way to your housemate’s heart is via a plate of delicious food so why not make your very best dish for your family or friends? It could be anything from a sweet potato katsu curry to a show-stopping chocolate cake—whatever showcases your skills and satisfies their bellies!DYou will soon dispel any fears they may have that being vegan is about deprivation!

Watch A Documentary Together

One of the best ways to help others understand is to encourage them to watch a vegan documentary. Get the popcorn on standby and press play on The Game Changers, SeaspiracyCowspiracy, Dominion or What The Health.

Respect Others’ Choices

Whilst it’s inevitable that you’ll be passionate about your vegan diet, you should also remember to be respectful of your household’s decision to continue eating an omnivorous diet. Everyone discovers veganism and undertakes dietary changes at their own pace and in their own time. Be encouraging and supportive, and offer advice when requested. But pushing opinions on others can be a sure-fire way to turn them off.

Make Simple Swaps

If you are not the main cook in your omnivorous household, there are some simple tips to help you all get the meal you want with minimum fuss. And the easiest is to make simple swaps. If the family is planning a Sunday roast, for example, just add a vegan pie or nut roast to the oven at the same time. The roast potatoes and veggies are good for all! Or, instead of beef burgers, add a veggie burger, and instead of sprinkling cheese on top of pasta, just make it vegan cheese. For meals where animal products are intrinsic—such as in chili or lasagna–ask the cook to try the same recipe with soy mince, mushrooms, lentils, or beans. It will still taste great and means everyone can eat it.


Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash.

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