We Are Offering UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak £1M To Go Vegan For One Month

Go Vegan Rishi Sunak

Today, we are launching our third ‘million-dollar campaign’ by challenging UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to go vegan for one month — for the sake of animals, the planet, wild places, our health, our farmers, and our future. 

Why Rishi Sunak?

UK Prime Minister Sunak has pledged to protect the future of our planet and has spoken more than once about the importance of showing compassion. With climate, environmental, and health crises all escalating — as well as the ever-growing numbers of animal victims of our dietary choices — we felt it was time to encourage this world leader to follow his words with meaningful action. 

Vegan To Halt the Climate Crisis

The World Health Organization has called climate change the ‘greatest threat to global health in the 21st century’ and animal agriculture is responsible for at least 16.5% of all man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Research indicates that if we all ate plant-based, our food-related GHG emissions would drop by 70%. Don’t we owe it to our children and grandchildren to act decisively and comprehensively to halt climate breakdown now?

Vegan To Restore Lost Wildlife

William Blake famously wrote of England’s green and pleasant land. However, the UK is one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries in the world. Agriculture is the primary land user with animal agriculture using 85% of this land but providing only 32% of our calories and less than half of our protein. To feed the same number of people on a plant-based diet would require just one-sixth of the land, leaving 14.5 million hectares for nature restoration, rewilding, and carbon sequestration initiatives.

Vegan For British Farmers

Animal agriculture may be driving the climate crisis, but all farming is vulnerable to its impacts. Progressive farmers are already moving away from rearing animals in favor of growing crops to feed people, and many more farmers wish to join them. In fact, a recent farmers’ survey found that 64% of respondents would consider transitioning out of animal agriculture entirely provided financial support was in place. We are urging the Prime Minister to do just that.

Plant-Based For Business

Rishi Sunak comes from the financial world and understands the importance of investing in business innovation. A recent report by UK Research & Innovation (UKRI), estimates a £1bn UK market for plant-based alternatives, with predicted yearly growth for meat alternatives of 30%, dairy-free milk of 48%, and cheese alternatives of 38%. It makes perfect business sense!

Plant-Based For Our Health

Animal farms are implicated in both the growth of antibiotic-resistant pathogens and the emergence and spread of viral pandemics. Not only that, lifestyle diseases are a significant burden to the NHS but they are largely preventable. Adopting a plant-based diet is associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, preventing type 2 diabetes, and has also been associated with much lower rates of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and cancer.

Vegan To Show Compassion

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has talked about compassion several times, and, as a Hindu, says he does not eat beef. We thank him for that compassionate conviction but we ask: are other animals not deserving of his compassion too? Do the billions of other farmed animals who are commodified, traded, manipulated, mutilated, exploited, and slaughtered deserve such treatment? We urge consistency in compassion. Be kind to all kinds.

Getting Rishi Sunak’s Attention

Alongside full-page adverts in four major UK newspapers, we are taking over Westminster’s underground station with thousands of posters, all urging the Prime Minister to accept our offer and to eat vegan for one month. We have also commissioned a prominent wall in Shoreditch to be custom-painted to further elevate the campaign, and we’ll be at Parliament and Downing Street in the coming days with some eye-catching stunts and activities. 

Giving One of the Richest Men in the Country £1 Million

Rest assured, we are not giving £1,000,000 to Rishi Sunak himself, but directly to a charity of his choice. With Britain in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis and many people unable to feed themselves or pay their heating bills, our hope is he will take our challenge, eat vegan for one month, and allow us to donate the money to a charity that helps people, the planet and / or animals.

Deadline: 31st January

Rishi Sunak has until the end of January to make his decision. If he agrees to go vegan for one month, we will be delighted to support him in any way he wishes, and to sign that check!

Don’t Wait For Rishi

While it is essential that world leaders take urgent action, we don’t have to wait for them to do so. We can all play our part in creating a kinder, healthier, safer world for all. Sign up for one of our free vegan challenges, and let us help you try vegan for either 7-days or 30-days. You can choose the issue that resonates most with you — your health, the planet, animals, or humanity. Don’t wait for Rishi! Sign up today!

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