The Ten Best Vegan Snacks

The world is divided over many issues, not least the relative merits of savory snacks versus sweet, so we’ll try to do right by everyone and list the very best of both. This is not scientific, we conducted no surveys, but we are vegans, and we snack a lot. And this is what we reach for when breakfast was an hour ago and there are still two hours until lunch.

1. Chips and dips, by which we Brits mean crisps and dips, though that doesn’t trip off the tongue quite so well. Many regular crisps / potato chips are vegan, and not just the salted varieties. Many zingy flavors are also vegan. For dips, we love salsa or hummus, although homemade guacamole is hard to beat.

2. Cheese and crackers. Not dairy cheese, of course, but vegan cheese. Most major supermarkets sell a range of flavors, from garlic and chive cream cheese to blue cheese to smoked, and there are many more varieties available online. Not everyone will like all of them, of course, but isn’t that true of all cheeses? Team up your favourite with pickle or—if you’re feeling wild—with chili relish or piccalilli.

3. French Fries. Straight from the oven, and dunked in ketchup or vegan mayonnaise. In a bag from the chippy drenched in salt and vinegar. Or, if you’re in the mood for double-carbing, between two slices of bread for a fantastic chip sandwich.

4. Toast. Cheese on, beans on, or slathered in Marmite, jam, or peanut butter. Toast is the perfect quick and simple midmorning snack or late-night belly filler. And all supermarkets sell dairy-free spread for the king of all snacks—toast and melting (vegan) butter.

5. Popcorn. Make it at home, buy it at the store, eat it at the movies (ssshhh) or wherever you choose. There are so many great flavors out there, including sweet, savory and sweet-and-savory.

6. Chocolate. Of course, chocolate is on the list. It’s one of the products people think they will miss when they first become vegan, but they need not worry. There are many delicious brands and types available including vegan ‘milk’ chocolate and white chocolate, as well as some delicious nutty, coconutty, chilli, salty, caramelly, minty, and fruity flavours. 

7. Fruit and nuts. So, this is the snack many non-vegans think vegans must eat all the time and yes, lots of us do dabble, but that’s because there are so many more options than an apple and a bag of peanuts. There are fresh fruits, dried fruits, freeze-dried fruits, and smoothies. There are salty, spicy, roasted, BBQ-flavored, and plain nuts of all kinds. You can whizz them up to make a dukka. You can add them to breakfasts. Highly portable, natural, wholesome, and delicious.

8. Biscuits / cookies. Where would we be without our favorite dunkable treat? Many everyday biscuits such as rich tea, ginger nuts, fruit shortcakes and digestives are vegan, and there are many more too such as Oreos and Hobnobs.

9. Fruit bars are healthy, satisfying and often tastier than they sound. If you know the range of Nak’d bars and nibbles, you’ll know what we mean. The Lemon Drizzle and Bakewell Tart flavours taste like the cakes they’re named after, and there are many more flavors and brands too. Perfect for a post-workout pick-up but a great snack any time.

10. Cake. Cake is good. Vegans love cake. There are thousands of vegan cake recipes online from brownies to cheesecakes to meringues, and from treacle tart to apple turnovers to cupcakes. You can make them or buy them.

For more information on finding delicious vegan snacks in your local area, download our free Vegan Starter Kit (choose the kit specifically designed for your country.) Happy snacking!

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