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Food Is More Than Just Food

Access to sufficient, nutritious, enjoyable foods is a basic human right. At Generation Vegan, we act in solidarity with different communities all around the world—from displaced peoples, to children, to those fighting for labor rights—by offering delicious plant-based meals. At the same time, we seek to educate more widely about veganism, and its role in creating a kinder, safer, and healthier world for all.

We started our food solidarity initiatives when the coronavirus pandemic first began to spread. We could see many communities struggling with the loss of income and access to basic healthcare. Some people felt isolated and lonely. Others were desperately worried about their livelihoods and their futures. It seemed more important than ever that we connect with people, learn from them, provide support where we could, and showcase veganism as compassion in action.

Our native campaign managers are located in 10 countries (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Kenya, India, Italy, Spain, France, UK, and USA) and we partner with food advocacy activists in many other parts of the world. We operate in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Italian and French, and our teams work both within their communities and across countries. 

We have a policy of not showing the faces of people with whom we share food unless we have their express permission, and we never share images of children.

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One Million Meals 

We committed to providing one million meals worldwide, but our work continued past this milestone. Some meals form part of wider relief programs to help support people affected by disasters. Others are opportunities to build networks and friendships across different social justice movements, and to unite and become a stronger force for good. And some are educational, intended to showcase just how delicious, accessible, and simple vegan food can be. 

We also support skill-sharing, such as food-growing and activist workshops, and provide hygiene and other products where they are needed. At all times, we work with the community to ensure we listen to what they want and provide what they need. It is a true partnership aimed at creating healthy and resilient communities.

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