90 Days Film

From the directors of Milk Orphans and Creating a Vegan World

World premiere: July 2024

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90 days to rescue 1,000 buffaloes

One of the largest animal rescues in human history

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What happened with the Buffaloes of Brotas?

In October 2023, the Brazilian courts gave 90 days for animal rights activists to transfer 1,000 buffaloes who had been abandoned to die on a farm to sanctuaries. If the activists failed to finish the task by the deadline, the animals would be sent to slaughter by their former owner. This is the story of how the world came together to save their lives. 

How did this case begin?

In November 2021, more than one thousand buffaloes were found in deplorable conditions on a dairy farm in Brotas, Brazil. They had been left with no food or water by their owner, and many were sick, starving and dying. Compassionate volunteers rallied to save these animals, setting up a field hospital and fighting legal battles to protect them from further abuse. This is a story of neglect, exploitation, and the fight for justice, which highlights the darker side of animal agriculture and the transformative power of compassion and solidarity.

These heroic efforts are what inspired the 90 Days film documentary.

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What’s next?

The GenV team joined activists globally and rallied to the aid of the Buffaloes of Brotas, donating $1 to the sanctuary for each vegan challenge sign-up – reaching our goal of $10,000. Prominent celebrities, including Xuxa Meneghel and Liz Solari, amplified the campaign, and Maria Casadevall, Nicole Neumann, Dani Moreno, Rodrigo Dorado, and Emiliano D’Ávila further elevated the cause through video campaigns and social sharing.

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World premiere: July 2024

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