10 New Year’s Resolutions That Help Others This Winter

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It’s easy to forget that new year’s resolutions don’t always have to be about bettering ourselves. In fact, the resolutions we make can often be harmful to how we feel about ourselves and make us feel guilty or unworthy. So, this 2023, we’ve come up with 10 ways you can focus on helping others. You never know, you might end up feeling better about yourself, too.

1. Go Vegan

Helping others is not just about helping other people. And although veganism has a powerfully positive impact on people, too, the biggest impact is on animals. Animals are our fellow beings on this planet and they deserve our compassion, respect, and empathy too. It can be overwhelming, thinking of how we can help everyone in need and it’s just not possible. But by making simple lifestyle changes, we can start sparing other beings a life of unimaginable suffering. Let us help you try vegan for one week.

2. Volunteer Regularly

We all lead busy lives, but, if we can, building in some time to volunteer for a cause we care about can provide fulfillment and satisfaction for ourselves, whilst providing essential, sometimes life-saving assistance to others less fortunate than ourselves. Try reaching out to your local food bank or soup kitchen. Perhaps your local animal sanctuary needs help or a lonely person just needs someone to talk to. Whatever it is, it all helps create happier, healthier communities and it could even save somebody’s life. 

3. Random Acts of Kindness

The opportunities for little random acts of kindness often present themselves without us even looking for them. Whether we take them or not, is entirely up to us, but we guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the outcome. It could be as simple as asking a vulnerable person if they need help, standing up for someone, inviting a neighbor over for coffee, or reaching out to thank a person who has helped you in the past. Whatever the act, being kind is good for ourselves, others, and our communities. 

4. Listen More

We could all benefit from listening more, even when we don’t agree with what someone is saying. Only by making others feel heard do they feel valued, and by listening, we can find common ground even when we may feel there is none. Once people feel valued and heard, they are more likely to respond positively to the things you are saying, and may even change their mind. In the vegan movement, we truly believe that we are making the correct moral choice, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to those who disagree, otherwise how will we ever bridge the gap?

5. Reconnect With Old Friends

If we haven’t seen someone in many years, how do we know they aren’t in need of a friend? Sometimes, reaching out to an old friend can be just the thing that person needs and wonderful new relationships can be born out of forgotten or lapsed ones. Of course, it may not lead to anything, but there is rarely any harm in trying.

6. Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Climate breakdown is the biggest challenge humanity faces. But the even tougher fact is that the people who will suffer the most, are not those who have directly caused the crisis. This means those of us who are able to do so, should do what we can to reduce our impact on the planet, thereby showing that we support those affected by climate change and will do more than hope for a better future. One of the most impactful, yet simple changes we can all make to show our support and reduce our impact is to go vegan.

7. Support Your Local Animal Sanctuary

Animal sanctuaries are often desperately underfunded and do incredible work to save and enrich the lives of abused and neglected animals. Whilst they sadly cannot save every animal, the amazing people who have dedicated their lives to sanctuaries have not given up on trying to spare as much suffering in this world as possible. We can support them in that important work either through donations, volunteering, organizing a fundraiser, or elevating their message on social media, 

8. Share Food

This could be as simple as sharing a meal with your loved ones or the people in your community, or supporting local initiatives that prepare food for those in need. Look out for community kitchens in your area that you can support – your donation or volunteering means somebody in need will get a hot meal, much needed company, or even some skills training.

9. Make Your Voice Heard

As well as listening at the right moments, at the same time we must have loud and confident voices when it comes to promoting compassion. Whether it be veganism, human rights, or environmental destruction, every person who is armed with knowledge is a step towards a better future. Animals do have voices and communicate clearly, it’s just that people do not – or choose not – to understand them. So, as well as speaking out for human rights, it is important we represent animals, too. We must be their communicators, their vocal supporters.

10. Be Kind to Ourselves

This may seem like the opposite of helping others, but the reality is that we can only effectively help others, if we are in a good place ourselves. So, this new year, give yourself a break when you need to, and spend some time nurturing your own needs. Otherwise we risk burning ourselves out, and that is not a good outcome for anyone.


At a time where the world seems more divided than ever, helping others is a radical act of compassion. We travel through life together, walking the same earth, and breathing the same air. Our fates are tied together, too, and when we act for the good of one, we act for the good of all. Being vegan is the ultimate in compassion, as it is good for you, for other people, for animals, and for the Earth. If going vegan is the top of your list this year, then check out our free 7-day and 30-day challenges, and let us help you find your way. That is our gift to you.

Happy New Year!

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