Write To Café Or Restaurant Requesting More Vegan Options

Dear [insert name]

I’m a fan of [insert outlet name] and would love to visit more often, but there are currently very few options for vegans. With the global rise in plant-based eating – for animals, the planet’s wild places, the climate, and both individual and public health – many outlets are rapidly increasing their animal-free options. Is this something you are planning? If not, can I urge you to consider doing so?

Vegan food does not require any sacrifice in flavor. It can be so delicious and nourishing that even meat-eaters don’t feel they are missing out at all. And, as it is suitable for people with almost all dietary requirements, it could also widen your customer base, while reducing your climate impact.

With institutions such as the World Health Organization, Harvard, Oxford University, and the United Nations all urging us to eat less meat, this is a great time for businesses to adapt and grow.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to visiting you again to see what plant-based options are available.

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