Write To A School To Request Vegan Options

Dear [insert name]

I am writing to ask that you make vegan food available for my child and for other children at the school as well. While the number of vegans around the world is growing all the time, hundreds of millions more people are choosing to eat more plant-based foods for their health, for animals, and for the planet.

Plant-based foods require less land, waste less water, pollute less, reduce deforestation, protect oceans and significantly reduce our climate impact. For all these reasons, I am asking you to make plant-based foods available to every child, not just to those who are fully vegan. The future of our planet depends on all of us making some changes.

Many schools are already offering tasty, nourishing, and satisfying plant-based dishes daily. The inclusion of many more fresh vegetables and whole grains can help children adopt healthy eating patterns. And, as it is usually cheaper to make meals without meat, this helps budgets stretch further. There are no downsides to offering more plant-based choices!

If this is something you would like to explore this issue more, I would recommend contacting the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which has already supported many schools wishing to increase their plant-based options. ForwardFood.org is another very helpful resource. 

Thank you for your time. If there is anything more I can help you with, please ask.

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