Write To A Newspaper To Promote Veganism

Dear Editor,

Did you know that eating plant-based foods has a profoundly positive impact on the planet? It uses less land, wastes less water, slashes our climate impact, reduces deforestation, boosts biodiversity, protects the oceans, reduces water pollution, and helps wildlife flourish.

For all these environmental reasons – as well as to end the suffering of farmed animals, to reduce pandemic risk, and to lessen the chances of antibiotic-resistant superbugs emerging – millions of people all over the world are now fully vegan, while meat-reduction is also on the rise almost everywhere.

To create a kinder world, safer, and healthier world, we must all make some changes but switching to a plant-based or vegan diet does not mean sacrificing flavor or pleasure. The food is fantastic! It tastes good and does good. Those who would like to know more about the benefits of eating plant-based or are keen to try a guided and supported 7-day Vegan Challenge, can visit GenV.org.

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