Genesis Invited Inside the Vatican To Deliver Her Message!

Today, Genesis Butler was invited inside the Vatican by Father Paweł Ptasznik to talk about the Million Dollar Vegan campaign to fight climate change with diet change.

Genesis told the Vatican priest about her love for animals and how we need to change our behavior to protect them and the planet that we live on. She spoke of deforestation and species loss, and the terrible devastation caused by animal agriculture. Father Paweł responded: “We are all responsible for our Earth, I agree with your words.”

“We are all responsible for our Earth, I agree with your words.”
— Father Paweł

Genesis spoke with such integrity and passion that Father Paweł agreed to be her messenger, and to take her letter, signed by dozens of celebrities, scientists and influencers, as well as the petition signed by tens of thousands of people, and give it to Pope Francis.

On a balcony overlooking St Peter’s Square, Father Paweł took Genesis’s letter, said he hoped that she would receive a reply, and then he blessed her.

Tomorrow (20th February 2019), Genesis will be at a general audience with Pope Francis where she will try to speak with him directly and urge him to take action to protect our planet.

Good luck Genesis!

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