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If you would like to support a specific community or showcase the benefits of veganism by arranging a food solidarity initiative, we would love to hear from you.

  • Food Relief

    We have worked to support people in Beirut after an explosion destroyed a large part of the city. We have acted in solidarity with people and animals in Spain after volcanic activity forced their evacuation. Applications for relief events are welcomed.

  • In Solidarity

    Some communities give so much to society, and we like to thank them wherever we can. Throughout the pandemic, we have supported frontline health workers and carers around the world by providing nutritious hot meals and a warm smile.

  • Educate to Liberate

    The climate crisis, the loss of workable antibiotics, and the emergence of zoonotic pathogens are all driven by animal agriculture. We support food solidarity events that seek to educate the wider world about making kinder, safer, healthier food choices.

Apply to host an event

To get started, we will need a few details about you and the event you would like to host.

IMPORTANT: Please review our Food Solidarity Guidelines before completing your application. Events that do not adhere to our guidelines will not be considered.

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