Food Solidarity in Hungary, Argentina, Ukraine, and Kenya

Celebrating Earth Day in Hungary

Celebrating Earth Day in Hungary

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by sharing and showcasing the most planet-friendly diet on Earth? Empátia Sztori, a new vegan and altruistic non-profit organization in Hungary, offered 400 portions of traditional Hungarian-style food at a public event outside the entrance to a wildlife park at Kecskemét, Hungary. Raul Vida and his team raised ethical concerns about the exploitation of animals, and drew attention to the fact that animal agriculture is the primary cause of climate catastrophe, biodiversity loss, deforestation, aquatic habitat destruction, and many more issues, including the ethics of harming animals for food.

The audience, ranging from 4 to 82 years old, was open to tasting traditional Hungarian dishes like “töltött káposzta” (stuffed cabbage) and “rizses hús” (meat and rice), both made with jackfruit.

Raul Vida summed up the event: “We’re constantly looking for opportunities, events, and institutions to be in as many places as possible to show that vegan food is not boring and doesn’t involve giving up anything. We are busting myths and helping people of all ages and circumstances. At this event, we gave out over 400 portions, and we didn’t see any disappointment from those who received them: many said they were “delicious”, “exciting”, “varied” and many said they could be vegan if they really wanted to. We provide online guidance and a 30-day challenge for everyone wishing to try vegan.”

Animal Day in Argentina

Each week this month, we continued to share snacks with more than 100 children from the Arcoíris and Patria Grande daycare centers in the city of Buenos Aires.

In addition, on April 29, we celebrated Animals Day in La Carbonilla neighborhood. We organized a traditional choripaneada and distributed 300 choripanes for the people of the community. These delicious choripanes were enhanced with the typical criolla and chimichurri sauces, which are classics of Argentinean cuisine. To drink, we offered delicious natural orange juice.

Carolina Ferrer and Samanta Leonardi were in charge of entertaining the children with games, songs, and companionship. They used playfulness as a tool for raising awareness about the importance of our bond with animals.

This was a beautiful activity that, for the second consecutive year, Million Dollar Vegan was able to celebrate.

Food Solidarity in Ukraine

To date we have been able to fund more than 8,000 meals across multiple cities in Ukraine: Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Uzhhorod, Dnipro, Odesa, Lutsk and Kharkiv. Alongside these meals for local people, volunteers on the ground have been able to package up 118 food parcels for vegans serving in the Territorial Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine. We’re humbled to be able to support those who are serving others amid such appalling and unjust circumstances.

45,000 Meals in Kenya

Our support of three schools in the Maasai region of Kenya continues as we share another 45,000 meals with children this month. With the loss of income since the pandemic, and the drought that hit the region in the last year, food insecurity has become a serious problem.

With our campaign manager Jack Lekishon overseeing this project, we can at least support children with nutritious meals, and we have pledged to continue with this important initiative.

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