Earthshot Prize To Focus On Vegan Solutions And YOU Can Propose Your Favorites

Generation Vegan’s Earthshot Campaign

In September, Generation Vegan called on the Earthshot Prize to include a dedicated vegan category in its high-profile environmental awards. Our call was backed by stars including Olivia Colman, Emma Thompson, Sharon Osbourne, Alicia Silverstone, Mark Rylance, and Annie Lennox, and we even offered the £1 million prize fund for the inaugural Advance a Plant-Based Food System award. Our campaign made headlines around the world, but to be 100% certain that our message was heard, we also went along to Earthshot’s New York Summit.

And guess what? They heard us and they called us.

Earthshot Agrees to Highlight Veganism Into the Awards

Conversations with Earthshot are ongoing, but already we have achieved two landmark outcomes.

1. Vegans Join the Expert Panel

Generation Vegan has been invited to select two experts to join Earthshot’s Expert Advisory Panel for the ‘Protect and Restore Nature’ category of the awards. This is the category with which Earthshot believes our work most strongly aligns although, of course, a plant-based diet is protective of our air, waters and climate, too. 

We asked Oxford University’s researcher Joseph Poore and Our World in Data scientist Dr. Hannah Ritchie to join the panel, and we are delighted that both have agreed to take on this important role. Their job will be to assess all the nominations and ultimately to help choose the 15 finalists. 

2. Generation Vegan Joins Earthshot Nominations Team

Generation Vegan has become the first – and currently only – vegan organization to join the official Earthshot Nominations Team. This gives us the opportunity to seek out the most impactful vegan and plant-based groups, companies, and campaigns, and nominate those that fit the Earthshot criteria. We’re going to be making sure the world knows that plant-based foods are a significant part of healing our planet.

Do You Know an Impactful Group, Company, or Campaign?

We need your help. We don’t know every powerful vegan initiative around the world, and so we are inviting YOU to put forward your own favorite plant-based groups, companies and campaigns for consideration. 

All nominees must:

  1. Promote or advance a plant-based food system.
  2. Be measurably impactful and scalable.
  3. Drive meaningful change, through education, diet change, policy change, etc.
  4. Help to protect and restore nature (land, forests, rivers, oceans, wildlife).
  5. Be inclusive, equitable, and beneficial to human and nonhuman animals.

The deadline to nominate solutions for the Earthshot Prize has now passed.

What Happens Next?

  1. All suggestions must be submitted to Generation Vegan by November 30th.
  2. Generation Vegan’s Senior Strategy Team will assess each to ensure it fully fits the criteria and will then officially nominate to Earthshot all those that do. This must be done by December 15th.
  3. January-March 2024, the Earthshot Expert Advisory Panel, including Generation Vegan’s nominated experts, will assess all the nominations for the Protect and Restore Nature category.
  4. September 2024 (date to be confirmed), Earthshot will publish the names of the 15 finalists across all five categories.
  5. November 2024 (date to be confirmed), Earthshot announces the five winners – including one from our category – who will each receive a £1-million prize to help further their important work.  


Q: Where can nominees come from?
A: They can come from anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I put forward an individual?
A: If their work fits the five criteria above, then yes, you can put forward an individual.

Q: Can I nominate my own group, company, or campaign?
A: Yes, you can!

Q: Will I know if the group, company, or campaign I propose is selected for nomination?
A: Earthshot will get in touch directly with everyone who is nominated to learn more about their work, so contact your nominee to find out.

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