Why Catholics Should Try Vegan For Lent

I think that Catholics should try vegan for Lent because most are nice, loving and caring people. They don’t understand what happens to get the meat that they eat. God tells us in the Bible (Genesis) that he is giving us seed-bearing plants and fruit trees as our food. Today, most people are unaware of how terrible animals are treated in slaughterhouses and factory farms. I think if they knew, they would go vegan.

Lent is a time of reflection and hope and I think that, during that time, we should honor all God’s creatures. We should be taking care of them and watching over them so they are not harmed. Not only does animal agriculture harm His creatures but it is also ruining this beautiful planet that He created for us. We are polluting the rivers and lakes with so much animal waste and farming chemicals. I think it’s so horrible that He gave us these beautiful Creations and we are destroying them.

Also, I’m sure that God would like us to be healthy, and it’s proven that all this animal flesh we are eating contributes to many serious diseases. We are killing God’s creatures, destroying our planet and damaging our health!

I think that factory farming would make Jesus very, very sad and disappointed in us. If people did the research to learn exactly what life is like for the animals in factory farms, they would be shocked and horrified. Sweet, gentle pigs are in crates so small they cannot even turn around. Intelligent chickens and turkeys are packed into sheds so crowded that they fight and peck at each other to get to food, and are often debeaked (have the ends of their beaks cut off) without any anesthesia. Most never see daylight.

Mother cows are exploited and have their babies stolen away immediately after birth so that we can drink their milk. They can cry and bellow for hours when this happens. After having babies four or five times they are considered useless and therefore sent to slaughter. That is their only life. It is so sad.

And whether they live in a factory farm or on a smaller traditional farm, they all get sent to the slaughterhouse and violently killed in the end. Like us, no animal wants to die or be taken from their family and friends. They just want to be free, to live their lives and be treated kindly.

That is why I am vegan, and why I use my voice for animals every day. And that is why other Catholics like me should try vegan for Lent.

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Author bio: I am a 8-year old activist and I am on a mission! I am focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place for all animals — both human and non-human. With the help of my mom and my grandma, I get quite a bit of outreach and activism done. We do leafleting, marches, protests, disruptions, vigils, Cubes of Truth and many other forms of activism. We also visit sanctuaries and make videos and live-stream so that people can meet the individuals, to see them for WHO they really are. We do this so everyone can see that these animals they call ‘food’, are the same as our cats and dogs at home. We try to do as many different types of activism as we can because we know that people are reached in different ways. I also make videos, rap, and speak all over the United States about animal rights and living a vegan lifestyle. I am an Animal Hero Kids Co-President and spokesperson.



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