The Ten Best Vegan Cities in the World

Whether you’re a fan of fast food or prefer to savor the flavors of slow-cooked cuisines, there is one food trend that spans the globe—the rise of plant-based eating. In almost every country, the shift away from meat, eggs, and dairy from animals to more environmentally-friendly and humane foods is skyrocketing. And while there are hundreds of cities vying to be in the Top Ten, here are our (current) picks for the very best places to eat vegan.

1. London, UK

According to vegan app, HappyCow, London was the first city with more than 100 totally vegan restaurants, which makes it a vegan heaven. From fried ‘chicken’ to kebabs to pizza; from Mexican to French to Korean; from bakeries to pubs to gourmet, there is something for everyone in London.

2. Portland, Oregon, US

Named the most-vegan-friendly city in 2016, Portland has a vegan summer camp, a venue for vegan punk music, and a fully vegan shopping mall. Check out Homegrown Smoker for Southern-inspired BBQ and comfort food, and Aviv for flavor-packed Israeli-inspired dishes.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

With more than 30 fully vegan restaurants, this stunning city in the mountainous northern part of the country is a haven for plant-based travelers. Here you will find Thai and western dishes, and food ranging from ‘fish’ and chips to smoothies and shakes.

4. Barcelona, Spain

In 2016, Barcelona declared itself vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, encouraging residents to try meat-free Mondays, and even creating a vegetarian guide to the city. There are many fully vegan restaurants featuring the very best of Spanish cuisine, cocktail bars, and fast food.

5. Melbourne, Australia

In 2017, newspaper reports described veganism as ‘spreading like wildfire’ in Australia’s second biggest city. Try the ramen at Neko Neko, the Italian-inspired offerings at Smith and Daughters, and the 100% vegan desserts and ice creams at Girls and Boys.

6. Taipei, Taiwan

Home to the vegan chain Loving Hut, you will never be far from amazing vegan food in Taipei. You’ll find traditional Taiwanese fare, fast foods, Italian options, and a bakery. Not to be missed are the dumplings at Lái Xīn SùShí.

7. Berlin, Germany

With more than 70 fully vegan restaurants across the city, vegan visitors to the city will find plenty to please them, from traditional fare at Försters to the plant-based butcher and snack bar to many Vietnamese and Korean options. Try them all if you have time!

8. Pune, India

While there are many vegan-friendly cities in India, Pune is among the best. It is home to a vibrant vegan activist network and that means… great food options! Try The Real Green Café for pizzas, pasta, and salads and the well-loved pet-friendly Tales Over Tails.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

From old favorite The Food Temple where the menu changes daily to Veganeats, which customizes typical Portuguese fare, there is plenty to discover and enjoy in Portugal’s capital city. For fast food, try Vegan Junkies; for the health-conscious, visit Eight.

10. Warsaw, Poland

Vegan visitors to Poland flock to Warsaw where a wide range of delicious foods await—from sushi and street food to Israeli and ramen. For plant-based local cuisine, try Lokal Vegan Bistro and the extensive menu at Vege Miasto.

If that has whet your appetite, check out our best vegan travel tips: “How to stay vegan while traveling.”

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