Mission Statement

Generation Vegan is a global non-profit dedicated to educating people about the environmental, ethical, personal, and public health benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

We do this through several languages and mediums. 

Global Campaigns

Our campaigns are focused on encouraging individuals of significant influence to lead by example and go vegan in order to address serious issues relating to animal agriculture and animal consumption. Past campaigns have focused on changing our diets to fight climate breakdown, reduce and reverse chronic illness, and end the risk of pandemics emerging due to the human exploitation of animals.

Our campaign messaging calls for people to act with kindness and integrity, and with an increased duty of care towards animals, exploited workers, nature, and the future inhabitants of our planet. We promote a global shift to plant-based food systems as a practical means to create a more compassionate, humane, sustainable, safe, and equitable world for today, and to defend the rights of children and future generations to a viable future. 

Online Motivation

We use our digital platforms to educate, encourage, and support. We strive to be a reliable and responsible source of accurate and unembroidered information on the benefits of veganism, and the detriments of the consumption of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and other animal by-products. Our approach to advocacy is thought-provoking, inclusive, and non-judgmental. We seek not to offend but to inspire; not to coerce but to inform; and not to divide but to unite. 

Our external messaging is focused on the dietary aspects of a vegan lifestyle, and we provide free nutritional guidance and support for people who are open to changing their diet. 

Food Solidarity 

We share free plant-based meals with individuals, families, and communities around the world. Our food solidarity initiatives are multifunctional – they support individuals and small businesses, create collaborations between social justice movements, and allow us to demonstrate that vegan food is accessible, nutritious, and delicious. They also allow us to sensitively garner media which shares our message with the wider world. 

Movement Building

We recognize that all social justice issues are connected and must be fought together if we are to create a compassionate and equitable world for all living beings. Through our inclusive and intersectional approach, we ensure that historically marginalized and oppressed peoples and their perspectives are heard and respected. Together we are creating a just world for all.

Our Objective 

Our goal is to enable others to make the connection between the food they consume and some of the biggest challenges facing humanity today. Avoiding animal products is the single most important action an individual can take to reverse global warming and, if done collectively, it will end factory farming – the world’s leading driver of deforestation, habitat loss, species extinction, water pollution, air pollution, food-borne illnesses, antibiotic use, and animal suffering. 

We cannot save our planet without changing the way we eat. Our mission is to help people to understand why this is and show them how they can change their eating habits in a practical, inexpensive, non-sacrificial, and enjoyable way. 

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